Auto Insurance Brokers

why should i use a broker?

We are premier auto insurance brokers that offer car insurance in Oregon, Washington, California, and North Carolina. Unlike an agent, we have contracts with 27+ companies allowing options on where to place your business.  We put together a solid portfolio and shop that around the industry, bringing back your very best options for coverage and cost.  Because of this, we're able to outperform almost anyone.


Does coverage really matter?

Our plans often include things you currently lack.  Things like UMPD, Rental Cars, and low deductibles can end up saving you hundreds when you file a claim.  We also offer higher limits, ensuring your accident is paid for 100%.  Commonly customers are unaware their plan pays only $25,000 towards the $70,000 Mercedes they hit, leaving them $45,000 in personal debt.


How does "liability" work?

Liability covers 3 things: Injuries PER PERSON/Injuries PER ACCIDENT/Damages to OTHER PROPERTY.  It's often printed in a "100/300/100" format, meaning the most they'll pay is $100,000 per person/$300,000 per group of people/$100,000 total for cars and other damage.

This means if you carry "50/100/50" coverage and happen to hit a BMW 650i, your insurance pays only $50,000 of the $110,445 in damages, leaving you with $60,445 in debt!



Our car insurance plans are tailored to your needs, as anything good should be.  We may recommend more, or less protection based on your personal worth and what you're trying to protect.  Generally, liability limits can be separated into three groups:

Low Value

  • 25/50/50

  • 50/100/100

Mid Level

  • 100/300/300

  • 250/500/500

High Worth

  • 250/500/500

  • Umbrella Included

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are my upgrades covered?

Probably not.  Most auto insurance brokers exclude things like lift kits, tow packages, and tire/wheel combos unless specifically mentioned and paid for.  We can help procure exactly what you need in the event of an accident so you'll get back everything you invested.


Are my tools covered?

Nope.  If your tools are stolen, good luck getting anything from your auto insurance. Tools and other items are covered under your Home/Renters insurance. Even then you may be limited to $1,000 or nothing at all if they're used for work.  At Auto Mate Insurance Solutions, our plans can help pay for them in full.


what if I'm towing something?

Your insurance likely covers damages to others if your trailer hits them.  That's nice, and most companies cover it free of charge.  It will not, however, fix damage on your trailer.  Inform us and we'll add sufficient protection to get your trailer fixed and back in working condition.

Classics / Specialty

How is value determined?

Depends on your company.  Our classics are often based on an agreed value, ensuring you get what it's actually worth and not the scrap metal value.  This is important, as companies will pay a "depreciated value" of a few hundred dollars for a car worth over $10,000 on the market.


are there limitations?

You better believe it.  Classics are limited in how often they're driven, what they're used for and more.  We use companies who specialize in these rides and often give more leeway to the owner.


how much should i pay?

Classics should not cost as much as normal cars.  If you're paying more than $300 a year, you should contact us, our expert auto insurance brokers can help to get you a better deal on your car insurance.  Most rides will qualify for costs of $25/mo or less.

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Photo by Tobias Haas (

Other Vehicles


Our resources are full of the very best for Motorhomes.  Make sure your plans cover you throughout the U.S. and there's protection if something goes wrong on your trip.  Getting stranded for a week in Ohio while your RV is fixed may not be what you were hoping for.

At Auto Mate Insurance solutions, we are here to help with all your auto insurance needs. Give us a call or schedule an appointment today to buy the perfect auto insurance policy for you.