Restaurant & Food Carts

what sets you apart?

We have an intense passion for food; our founder even runs a food/drinks blog.  Our experience with owners and chefs alike set us apart from the rest.  We know what's important to you and how to protect your business both in the kitchen and front of the house.  We have some of the best companies available and care about the work we put into your place.


What will I need for a quote?

A simple breakdown of your business will get us an idea.  Better yet, we'll visit and meet with you/your managers to best assess what your restaurant is and needs for the future.  Between collecting information and having answers, we're typically done within 3 weeks.


Do you cover Workers Comp?

Absolutely.  We're not only good with the business itself, but also with your workers.   We even have options for startups and those who've had problems in the past.

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Professionals / Startups

Why would I need insurance?

People use you for expertise and a quality experience.  Where would customers be without your help and foresite?    It starts with learning your needs and building a protection plan.  We use a multitude of insurance companies to get you the best cost and level of security.   With options, we can adjust your plan over time - like when you need to save a bit. 


Do we cover your work?

Everybody eventually makes a mistake or deals with an unreasonable customer.  Even when a deal goes bad, our services make sure you're protected.  They're designed to specifically cover your work and the gaps that proceed you. 


Do we cover your building?

We have extended experience with buildings, whether you're just the owner or also the tenant.  Our plans procure sufficient coverage for the entire structure. 

Contractors / Builders Risk

How easy is it?

Working with us is simple, and your time is freed to do what you do best.  Once we set up your first building, additional ones are a breeze.  You'll be able to provide us an address and project size as we take care of the rest.  Our customers love the simplicity provided.


are your costs low?

Our options spread over the entire industry, so we're typically able to procure the lowest possible costs.  Over the course of your business, you'll save thousands.