Workers Compensation

"Work Comp" is required when you have employees and you can face large fines if you skip it.   


Payroll is the factor

The largest factor in your cost is your employee's annual payroll.  We determine an estimate on what you'll pay and insurance companies will audit that number at year-end.   Paid more than expected?  You'll get a bill.  Paid less?  A refund is coming.  


Type of work completed

The 2nd largest factor is what type of work is being completed.  Office admin are cheap, since the risk of getting hurt at work is low.  Concurrently, staff that work with heavy machinery or on a roof present significantly more risk and will cost more to employ.


no recurring fees

Work Comp cost is regulated by the state but different companies charge different fees.  As a broker, we acquire better deals and charge no recurring fees to handle your account.