Uber & Lyft Drivers

Your insurance likely does not cover your Uber & Lyft activities.  Even with the provided coverage from companies, you can be completely denied or face decutibles of over $2,500+ when something happens.  

We've worked to help.  Check out a few of the things you should know.


You're not actually covered

How much driving can you do with Uber/Lyft before your car insurance excludes it?  Answer:  None.  As soon as you open the app your personal insurance is gone.  


the gap of doom

While Uber/Lyft claim they cover you on the clock, it's only when you have a customer in your car.  Between opening the app and driving to your customer there is no coverage.  None.


absurd deductibles

Even if Uber/Lyft covers you, the deductible is over $2,500.  We've had clients lose their cars due to not being able to afford it.