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what's the most important coverage?

This is a personal question.  We think, primarily, Uninsured Motorists is top.  That's because the biggest problem you can face is not having the money to pay for your injuries when someone else is at fault.  We also think Comprehensive motorcycle insurance is important because it covers all your non-riding related incidents such as theft/vandalism.  Collision pays for accidents you cause, and what other companies charge can double your cost, so we advise reviewing your motorcycle insurance options with us. The insurance companies we work with are often more lenient and our expert motorcycle insurance brokers can help you get the best coverage possible for your bike.

are my upgrades covered?

Maybe.  Our companies offer $3,000-$5,000 of free coverage but many companies offer only $1,000. We can add extra for those who've gone all out (which we love).  Our companies also give $1,000 of gear coverage for free while others cover only your helmet.  Roadside Recovery is included for most of our customers too, giving you safety if you crash in the middle of nowhere.

why is insurance so expensive?

The average lifespan on a Yamaha R1 is 2.3 years.  That means for every bike that's alive 5 years later, some squid crumpled one in a corner after 100 miles.  Think what that means to insurance companies... they'll probably be buying a new bike soon.  Because of this sportbikes get a bad rap and stupidly expensive rates.  Have you seen a $5,000/yr premium?  We have.  That's why we work with companies who specialize in motorcycles and recognize safe riders.  Being married, owning a home, and including your cars can all mean discounts for your motorcycle insurance.

what if it’s custom?

Custom bikes are hard to insure.  Most companies want production-line models only, though having a brand name and VIN stamped on the frame will help. If the bike doesn't fall into those categories (read: choppers) you will likely need an appraisal to assess the value and a certificate from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to prove its road worthiness.

We are professional and experienced motorcycle insurance brokers who offer motorcycle insurance in the states of Oregon, Washington, California, and North Carolina. If you ride a motorcycle, then you need motorcycle insurance. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert insurance brokers.