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Homeowners Insurance Brokers

Do you have the right coverage?

Determining if you have the right coverage can be difficult. At Auto Mate Insurance Solutions, we start with learning your needs and building a protection plan specifically for your home. We are expert homeowners insurance brokers that utilize multiple insurance companies to get you the best cost and level of security possible. We work with you directly or over the phone to determine the value of your home and any other extras you might want to insure.


Insuring For Rebuild Cost

It is important to insure your home so you can rebuild it if disaster strikes. We will help evaluate the full value of your home and the cost to rebuild it if your home is lost. Obtaining insurance for rebuild costs is the safest way to ensure you are protected if anything ever happens to your house.


Including The Extras You Need

We offer several extra coverage options to insure your home. First, we need to understand what your current policy covers and then we can help you decide what extras would offer excellent backup coverage. Extras such as accidental damage or sewer backup insurance can help make sure all areas of your home are covered. These items aren’t always included in standard homeowners insurance policies and can help protect you from additional damage.

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What is your responsibility?

With a condo, your homeowners association carries a master policy to insure the building and any accidents that occur on the outside property or in the common areas. It is the condo dweller’s responsibility to set up personal condo insurance which protects you if your belongings are damaged or stolen. A condo insurance policy can also help protect you if damage is done inside your condo and if guests are injured inside your home.  


What is "loss assessment"?

A loss assessment policy helps protect you if damage is done to the outside property or in the common areas. Typically, your homeowners association is responsible for covering damages here, but if the damages exceed their policy limits, you may be held financially responsible for some of the costs. With loss assessment insurance, you will be covered in these situations.


Are My Things Included?

If you decide to buy personal condo insurance and the policy states that your belongings are covered, then you are all set. We can work with you to set up personal condo insurance to cover all your belongings.


How Is It Different From Homeowners?

Landlord insurance is different from homeowners insurance for a few reasons. If you decide to move out of your house and then rent it out to other people, it is a good idea to buy a landlord insurance policy. Landlord insurance will cover you if tenants are injured in your home, or if there is any property damage. Homeowners insurance will not cover injuries or damages caused by your tenants.


Is My Tenant Covered?

With landlord insurance, your home is protected from damages caused by fire, lightning, wind, hail, or other covered losses, but your tenants will not be specifically covered under your policy if they damage your home. It is in the best interest of your tenants and yourself if they obtain their own renters insurance policy.


Business Liability Vs. Personal Liability

Business liability insurance protects a company if there is a formal lawsuit. Business liability covers any financial liability including expenses related to legal defense. Personal liability insurance is insurance that covers accidents that happen to you in or out of your home. Personal liability insurance will cover physical damages to you and your home, while business liability will protect you if others suffer damages or injury.


Why Do I Need It?

If you will rent a property, it is essential that you buy a renters insurance policy. A renters insurance policy will protect you in case your belongings are lost or damaged due to fire, theft, or another unpredictable event. Liability coverage can also cover you for damages due to negligence.


What Is Covered?

Renters insurance covers any damaged or stolen belongings from your apartment. Renters insurance also covers liability costs if guests in your apartment are injured when they visit you.


Does My Roommate'S Insurance Cover Me?

Simply, no.  Even though your roommate has renters insurance it will only pay for their things.  Even if it's a boyfriend/girlfriend, insurance covers only the person who buys it and their spouse/children. if someone breaks in and steals your stuff and you don’t have renters insurance, then you would be responsible for the costs.

Whether you are looking for the best homeowners insurance brokers, or excellent renters insurance, we have you covered at Auto Mate Insurance Solutions. Contact us or schedule an appointment today. Our professional brokers are here to help and answer all your questions.