General Liability Insurance for Contractors

At Auto Mate Insurance Solutions, we provide the best and most comprehensive insurance policies for contractors. We provide general liability insurance for contractors in Oregon, Washington, California, and North Carolina. It is essential for independent contractors to have insurance in case they are sued or held liable for damages while on the job. Our general liability insurance options help protect contractors and their business.

What is Contractors Insurance?

Contractors insurance policies help to cover risks contractors face while working. There are several forms of contractors insurance including general liability, commercial property, and more. We specialize in providing contractors with the best coverage available and have years of experience matching contractors with the most optimal insurance policies.

Types of Contractors Insurance

There are several types of contractors insurance to consider. General liability contractors insurance covers lawsuits over injuries or property damage. Commercial property insurance covers the value of your business property. Contractors equipment insurance covers the value of your business property if it is damaged or goes missing. Builder’s risk insurance protects against damage to buildings when they are under construction.

Why You Need Contractors Insurance

General liability insurance is extremely important for contractors. General liability insurance can protect contractors if damage to client property or bodily harm occurs. Sometimes your clients might require you to have general liability insurance before they will even work with you, and some states even require you have general liability insurance by law. Without liability insurance, contractors are completely responsible to pay for client damages out of pocket. At Auto Mate Insurance we can help to get you contractors insurance quickly and easily. We strive to help our customers get the best contractors insurance policies to cover their needs.

At Auto Mate Insurance Solutions, we help contractors get comprehensive insurance to ensure they are covered if anything ever goes wrong. If you are a contractor and want the best insurance in Oregon, Washington, California, or North Carolina, you have come to the right place. Contact us today for quality general liability insurance for contractors.