Bond Insurance for Small Businesses

Auto Mate provides simple, quick service for companies who require bonds for licenses and contracts of all kinds. We specialize in providing commercial bonds and bond insurance for small businesses.


Lower cost, less hassle

The bonds we offer are often cheaper and require little work on your part. Our bonds are shopped to find the lowest possible cost. You can apply with little information, sign in on your phone, and acquire copies within 24 hours. We understand your life is busy, so we developed this service to efficiently offer bonds to small businesses as quickly and easily as possible.

Why are Bonds Important for Businesses?

Bonds are extremely important and essential in several industries. Some industries require that your business is bonded and licensed before you can begin to operate. You need to bond and license your business in these industries to legally run your business. Surety bonds like license and permit bonds ensure that your company is fit for business.

Different Types of Bonds We Offer


Contractor Bonds

Contractors licenses require bonds from $10,000-$40,000 and are based primarily off of credit and experience. Contract surety bonds also help ensure that a construction contract’s objectives are met by the contractor.

Commercial Bonds

Commercial bonds are in place to make sure companies comply with all the required codes for their business and operate according to the law. These companies are required to operate with a specific license, and without the license, you cannot do business. We can help small businesses acquire the bonds they need to run their businesses effectively. Fidelity bonds are also very important, as they protect companies and their customers from employee theft.



A $40,000 bond is required for your Dealer's license.   Credit and location are the largest aspects in what you'll pay. We are experts at helping acquire bonds for your dealer’s license.

If you need bond insurance for a small business, bonds for your dealer’s license, or contractor’s license, we have you covered at Auto Mate Insurance Solutions. We always strive to provide our customers with bonds at the lowest possible cost as quickly as possible. If you are looking for lower cost bonds, be sure to contact us. We can provide your business with the best commercial bonds available.