Distinguish Yourself.

Our relationship with dealers is unique.  Our business model tends to increase car sales, grow margins, and improve retention.

We work best with dealers selling 40-125 cars per month, with owners who are involved in the day-to-day operation.

What Exactly do you do?

We build a mutually beneficial relationship between your dealership and our agency.  Our professionals work alongside your sales desk to provide rapid access to savings in customer insurance.  When found, we relay that info to help close your sales.

Auto Mate works best with dealers selling 20-100 cars per month, with owners who are involved in the day-to-day operation.  Our process is structured to increase sales and improve retention as we're constantly in contact with them.

How intrusive are you?

You'll hardly notice us.  Our agents have experience in dealerships and know no matter what, your sale comes first.  We provide our own technology and work with whatever systems you already have in place.  Our pitch takes 30 seconds and typically we just need a place to sit down.  It doesn't get much easier than that.

How will i make money?

We hope to improve your car sales by as much as 5-10%.  We also want to improve your margins.  If the customer is able to save money on insurance, we find they're willing to spend more on the car.

We also provide a small stipend based on the quantity of people we talk to.  That stipend can grow over time based on your success, meaning you can feel confident making profit no matter what.

What if we don't like it?

Not every relationship works out, we understand.  That's why we make it simple to step back.  If you're not comfortable with the amount of help we provide, our relationship can be severed with no penalties.  We will not bother your customers nor have any hard feelings.

Photo by TheTizz.com

Photo by TheTizz.com