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Your plan is professionally built

based upon your lifestyle and situation.  We work with over 17,000 variables to fine tune results and dramatically improve both your coverage and cost.  Our average client saves over $960/yr and you can rest easy knowing everything is being done right.  

We shop over 27+ companies

to find the best possible solution.  What is your best option?  We'll send your plan to all options and bring back whoever offers you the very best cost and coverage.  You'll get an email with everything you need to start and a follow-up review call.

Sign up on the go

Text us the info needed.  We'll email back ID cards and you can sign applications on your phone.  Simple, quick, and modern.  We'll be the best insurance experience of your life. 

Auto Mate specializes in Business & Individuals.

Startups & Small Business

liability, Business owner, workers comp

Starting and running a company is a risk.  You've got staff, sales, marketing, and 20 other things pulling for your time.  We make things simple and provide professional work at the lowest costs in the industry.  Better yet, we work with all sorts of startups and understand your needs.

Auto Insurance

cars, trucks, Classics

We love cars.  They're an extension of your personality and an avenue to the world.  That's why we created the best option for car insurance anywhere.  Better plans, lower costs, and included guarantee even when the company raises your prices.  See why people love us.

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Motorcycles / ATV / Boat

Sportbikes, touring, cruisers

We ride;  so we've made sure to partner with companies that provide extra features, like $5,000 of aftermarket parts and free Roadside/Towing.  We have killer prices on sportbikes and cruisers alike.  Our average rider saves $596.

Home Insurance

Homeowners, condos, landlords, renters

We've invested so much in our homes.  Not only your residence and belongings live there... so do your memories.  Up to 60% of homes are underinsured during a claim.  We'll personalize your plan to provide what you need and remove what you don't.  Better yet?  We have access to some of the best home rates in the industry.

Best Insurance Options


We have more companies than almost anyone.  That means consistently low-cost, high quality options that others don't.

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Modern Technology

Text us.  Sign applications on your phone.  Download documents 24/7 online.

We're built to work in the modern world, lending convenience  and savings back to our customers. 

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Best Insurance Agent

Highest quality agents

We hire only professionals so your best possible solution is found.  This also means education and advice about your insurance that you've never had before.

Some of us have even won awards.

Responsible, Green Insurance Company

Leader in "green" practices

We believe in helping the environment!  Our firm saves over 30,000 pages of paper each year by using digital data for quotes, faxes, and stored documents.

You can help!


best price guarantee

Our firm automatically shops your cost when the price raises more than 5%.  You're presented with options to stay put or make the switch, as well as advice on how it will effect your record.  

Nobody else does this! 

Turk Photos

Turk Photos

Turk Photos

Turk Photos

better insurance

Our clients often get TWICE their previous coverage and lower deductibles.  

Your plan is professionally built to maximize cost vs coverage and help improve your insurance score over time, leading to lower cost.