Modern Professionals


Our plans are professionally built around your needs with modern convenience like text and signatures on your phone.  We keep it simple, and with 27+ companies we often find the very best cost and coverage available. 

Best Insurance Agent

Modern, Professional agents

Our agents work with you in a way that's convenient and simple.  We make it easy to know your options and make an informed decision and we're really good at our job.  We've even won awards, how cool is that? 

Turk Photos

Turk Photos

We're completely Local

We were founded in Portland, OR and serve only the West Coast.  Our staff live here and are full of NW pride.  We have Timbers and Seahawk stickers on our stuff.

Best Insurance Options

A ton of options

We have contracts with over 27 companies to give you quality when you want it and something cheap when you need it. 

Text Modern Agent

Text your agent

Text our main number.  We'll respond right away!  With comforts of the modern world there's no wasted time for simple questions. 

Turk Photos

Turk Photos

24/7 Online access

Secure, direct access to your ID cards, coverage, documents and more are available over on our Customer Page.  Check it out.

Responsible, Green Insurance Company

"green" Practices

We lead the industry in reducing paper waste by investing in things like electronic documentation and signatures.


Auto Mate specializes in Business & Individuals.

Restaurants / Food Trucks

liability, liquor, workers comp

Our passion for the industry and knowledge of the inherent risks allows us help large restaurants and small food trucks alike.  As an owner/GM, you invest everything into your business.  Make sure there's enough to replace your kitchen, the front of the house and your income if something happens.

Auto Insurance

cars, trucks, Classics

We love cars.  As an extension of your personality, it's important to protect your ride.  Even more important are the people inside it.  We'll save you from broken coverage and "minimum limits" for the same cost or less than you pay now.   Better, we'll repair your insurance score to help you obtain better rates down the road.


Contractors & Builders

Liability, tools, Work Comp

Contractors come in many shapes and sizes: Builders, painters, electricians... Stylists, Generals, Subs, and Agents... We have the very best companies for you.  Our plans will cover your tools, money clients owe you, and pay for lawsuits and potential fines.  Only pay for what you need and focus on the work you're good at.

Photo by

Photo by

Motorcycle Insurance

Sportbikes, touring, cruisers

As riders, there's something about our bike that provides joy, a sense of freedom.  We all know though it's a matter of when, not if, we go down.  Your bike is your baby so our companies provide things like replacement of aftermarket parts and your gear.  We're known in the motorcycle community and aim to give the best possible options.

Small Business Insurance

Business Policy, business auto, workers comp

Your business is everything.  Owners often have little idea what their insurance really does for them.   Let us do take care of that, with inexpensive coverage and education.   We will grow with your business and make you aware of what you'll need to know.  We work with professionals, artists, retailers, and more.

Home Insurance

Homeowners, condos, landlords, renters

We've invested so much in our homes.  Not only your residence and belongings live there... so do your memories.  Up to 60% of homes are underinsured during a claim.  We'll personalize your plan to provide what you need and remove what you don't.  Better yet?  We have access to some of the best home rates in the industry.